What clients say about hands-off training: 

I always thought I was more of a hands-on learner. But I like the idea of not having a computer.  It's much less stressful and easier to follow along. Pamela, Reporting Specialist, Fortune 100 financial company

I'm glad it was hands-off.I am too slow on the keyboard to follow and do it at the same time.  Having no computers was better than I thought.
Ralph, Supervisor Special Events, Global hotel chain.  

What clients say about Harry's training:      

Best computer class ever taken!
 Excellent teacher.  Thank you, Harry. …  Examples used during class helped for me to see what Harry was explaining.  Very satisfied.  Excellent class.
Stacy, Credit Representative

I have instructed my staff to sign up….  Addressed major gaps in my knowledge.  

Lin, Corporate Credit Manager

This was one of the best training classes I’ve ever attended.  The material will definitely help me with my work, the pace of the class was good (not too slow or too fast), and the handouts were so good I didn’t have to take a lot of my own notes. …  Will definitely make me more efficient.  

Jacki, Merchandise Analyst

Company Testimonials

Harry is very knowledgeable when it comes to Excel and it is easily seen during his Excel classes...I found Harry's flexibility to jump from topic to topic as questions arose to be of great benefit for the entire group.
David Silverman, CPA, JD at Skoda Minotti & Co.

I’ve recently contracted Harry to provide training courses to the Institute of Management Accountants in the Cleveland area and Columbus. …Every one of us left his class gaining a new skill that we could use immedately. If you are interested in training for your organization I think Harry could provide value to those who attend.  
Sandra Brenner, Sr. Staff Accountant at BASF Construction Chemicals

If you want to get proficient at Microsoft Excel, this is the trainer for you. I was an experienced user as a chemist when I took his class, but learned ALOT of new tricks and functions to make my job much easier. Highly recommended from somone who does not make recommendations generally. Thanks Harry.  

Eric Bildstein, Product Development Leader at Akzo Nobel

I attended four sessions over a months’ time that Harry led. I found him to be extremely knowable and helpful. Harry took time to go over questions and explain topics with different examples so that everyone in the class would find a way to put their new skills to use.  

Laura Crowe, Manager Strategic Partner Services at OverDrive, Inc.

Dr. Lader provided our company, Akzo Nobel Coatings, with a series of training sessions on MS Excel… The learning has already provided significant benefits in time saved and increased productivity in daily operations …Feedback from students also testified that they learned a number of new capabilities available in Excel. Harry’s delivery was very good, easy to follow, and he was very interactive and responsive to the class. Highly recommended.
Dr. Richard Eley, Senior Scientist at AkzoNobel (Retired)

Company Letter Testimonials

I am extremely satisfied with the classes that Harry provided Forest City Enterprises and look forward to having him teach additional classes for us in the future.  

Maryellen Cudney, Manager, HR Learning and Development  Forest City Enterprises (
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Your strong knowledge of Excel in combination with your ability to break complex features into simple concepts helped us absorb the material and gain appreciation for the power of Excel.
Sarah Pinchot, VP/COO, JMP Industries Inc. (
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We learned shortcuts in formatting and template creation that will save us a few hours each week and provide consistency in the presentations.
Douglas R. Powers, Senior VP, Financial Planning Specialist, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley
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Your teaching style made it easy to learn...I expect the shortcuts you provided will save me time preparing the spreadsheets that I use on a daily basis and allow me to complete projects more efficiently.
Karen Yahr, Paralegal, Meyers Roman (
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Because of your expertise in Excel and your ability to communicate clearly, with your unique hands off approach and excellent handouts, you did an outstanding job in a short amount of time.
Michael Luxeder, Director, Libman Goldstine Kopperman & Wolf joining Bober Markey Fedorovich (click for letter)

The advanced Excel class that you led exceeded my expectations.
Robert D. Moran, Jr., Director of Finance, Frantz Ward, LLP (click for letter)

Video testimonial from  Nan Morgan at Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis

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